Saturday, January 23, 2010

Inkjet Printing

As the name suggests an Inkjet Printer is essentially a normal printer that prints in 3D. 3D printers can produce full colour, highly detailed, accurate models for communication and design evaluation. Multiple inkjets sweep across the surface of the layer and print the image of a single cross section onto the powder. The printer contains a bay with support material and a platform that moves in X and Z axes, the inkjet moves in axes X and Y. Where the binder is printed, the powder is glued together, then the powder-spread roller comes along the building tray distributes and regularizes the powder layer to be glued and the inkjet print heads is reloaded with binder. A new layer of powder is spread in surface to be glued. After the end of the model construction, it is vacuum cleaned to remove not glued powder. This rapid prototyping process do not offers great resistance to the model so it must be infiltrated. Parts are porous, and it is only necessary for the infiltrate to penetrate one-quarter inch to one-half inch in order to give the part a durable shell.

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